Barry Goldstein Announces Exciting Changes to his Business

The two editions of Representing the Domestic Violence Survivor recommend that attorneys use domestic violence experts to help courts understand DV custody cases. Barry Goldstein decided to work full time as a DV consultant and expert witness in hopes this could help educate court professionals by exposing them to the right information. This is particularly important because most court professionals have spent their careers receiving misinformation from mental health professionals with expertise in psychology and mental illness but not domestic violence or child abuse. This misinformation is now deeply ingrained and an important factor in the failure of courts to protect children.

Barry Goldstein & Veronica YorkIn order to meet the increasing demand from protective mothers for assistance with their cases and in anticipation of likely retirement or semi-retirement in 2027, Veronica York will be joining Barry as an assistant and eventually to form a partnership to better serve our clientele. Veronica is a protective mother and coach who is already working with protective mothers (see bio below).

Initially, Barry will be providing any expert testimony and reports required for our cases. Veronica will assist Barry with any new cases and any cases coming from her coaching practice. Barry will continue to provide all work on any existing cases unless otherwise agreed upon by the client. Over time, it is anticipated that Veronica will take a greater role in our work until 2027 at which time it is anticipated Barry will either retire or semi-retire.

The partners would be delighted to be put out of business. Nothing would make us happier than for the constant drumbeat of horrific stories to end. To that end, Barry and Veronica will continue to advocate for needed reforms, especially the Safe Child Act and will be working as volunteers for the Stop Abuse Campaign.

If anyone has any questions, they can contact us.

Introducing Veronica York

Veronica York headshotAfter a 20 year Sales and Marketing career in the Television Industry, Veronica York felt a passion and a calling to make a career change. Following a 10 year marriage that was both mentally and emotionally abusive, and going through a difficult custody battle, she started her High Conflict Coaching practice. During her experience with the family court system, she realized that the best interest of the children was not the first priority. Parental rights are trumping children’s rights and children are suffering unnecessarily due to the outdated practices of judges and other court professionals. Along with helping her clients navigate their custody battles, she is also an advocate for change in the family court system as well as a champion for Domestic Violence training and education. Veronica is certified with the High Conflict Divorce Certification Program and has advanced training in family law mediation. She performs speaking engagements and writes articles regarding the topics of Child Custody Issues that involve Intimate Partner Violence and Child Abuse. She also does training on the misuse of Parental Alienation and the effects of Post Separation Abuse during a divorce.

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