Workshops & Training

Barry Goldstein is one of the leading national and international experts regarding domestic violence. He has a unique range of experiences that include service as a board member to a local battered women’s shelter, attorney for domestic violence survivors, instructor in a NY Model Batterer Program and writer of some of the leading books and articles in the field. He has a strong grasp of the most current and important research concerning domestic violence and innovative ideas for using the research to create the needed reforms.

Barry is a powerful and engaging speaker. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Battered Mothers Custody Conference regularly rely on him for important speeches and trainings. He has provided workshops and trainings for the National Domestic Violence Hotline, U. S. Department of Justice, Oklahoma Attorney General, Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence and many colleges and domestic violence agencies. In August of 2018, Barry was the plenary speaker at an International Conference in Melbourne Australia that focused on the health and safety of children involved in contested custody cases.

Much of Barry’s speaking and writing focuses on the crisis in the custody court system that has resulted in thousands of children being sent to live with dangerous abusers. His new book with Elizabeth Liu, Representing the Domestic Violence Survivor is designed to train attorneys to present the strongest possible cases. He is available to teach court professionals about the best practices to protect children in domestic violence cases. He also works with domestic violence advocates so they can offer their clients the most useful information.

He is familiar with the recent research about the medical impact of domestic violence and other trauma on children. This information should be highly persuasive in convincing court professionals to reconsider standard practices that are actually likely to shorten children’s lives. Barry has also written extensively about best practices for drastically reducing domestic violence crime. He can show communities the practices that will reduce these crimes and save substantial financial and other resources. Nationally these practices would save $500 billion per year which equals $1500 per person.

To make arrangements to bring Barry Goldstein to your community to train professionals, support advocates and inform the public about the best ways to prevent domestic violence and protect children contact Barry today.