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Barry Goldstein is the co-author with Elizabeth Liu of Representing the Domestic Violence Survivor REPRESENTING THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SURVIVOR, co editor with Mo Therese Hannah of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ABUSE and CHILD CUSTODY and author of SCARED TO LEAVE AFRAID TO STAY. He has been an instructor and supervisor in a NY Model Batterer Program since 1999. He was an attorney representing victims of domestic violence for 30 years. He now provides workshops, judicial and other trainings regarding domestic violence particularly related to custody issues. He also serves as a consultant and expert witness.

Barry's new book, The Quincy Solution: Stop Domestic Violence and Save $500 Billion demonstrates how we can dramatically reduce domestic violence crime with proven practices.

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WARNING: Any attempt to adjudicate custody cases involving possible domestic violence or child abuse without using current scientific research like ACE and Saunders will ruin children's lives!

Warning to Judges, Evaluators, Caseworkers and Legislators

In 2017, I wrote letters to two leading judicial organizations. In the letters I put together all the recent research and media investigations. 

Two Letters

The only way children benefit from relationships with abusers is if they stop!

Court False Equivalency

So how can the custody court system allow a sexist theory concocted not from any research but...

The Question for Family Courts: How Can You Give More Influence to a Pro Pedophile Theory than Scientific Research from the CDC and U.S. Justice Department

Family courts have a long history of focusing their attention on reunifying families.

The Safe Child Act: When a Parent Does More Harm than Good

The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Studies are medical research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that can be used to reduce cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental illness, crime, substance abuse, suicide and many other horrible health and social problems.

Why Family Courts Cannot Protect Children: ACE vs PAS

Domestic violence became a public issue at a time when virtually no scientific research was available.

What Does Domestic Violence Have to do with Shared Parenting

The original Quincy Model was a group of best practices that dramatically reduced domestic violence crime especially murders. A county that averaged 5-6 homicides enjoyed several years with no murders.

I Lost My Law License Others Lost Their Lives Flawed Child Custody Practices Also Hurt Communities

Upon studying the personal records and interviewing the patients who left, Dr. Vincent Felitti came to understand that rather than a problem, the patients had viewed their excessive weight as a protective factor.

How Cutting Edge Research Can Help Psychologists and Judges Protect Children

The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) research is a group of studies sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control that establish that children exposed to domestic violence, child abuse and other traumas will suffer more injuries and illnesses throughout their lives and have shorter life expectancies.

The ACE Research

One of the fundamental questions was whether to respond by changing individuals one at a time or to promote societal changes.

Changing Abusers’ Behavior: What Works What Doesn’t

One of the problems in our custody courts is that this psychologist, like most experts relied on by the courts does not have the knowledge of up-to-date research or the ability to apply it to custody cases.

Shared Custody

Society has the knowledge and ability to prevent a large majority of domestic violence crimes and especially murders.

Why Don’t We End Domestic Violence?

He believed that if he could prevent domestic violence all crime would be reduced and this is exactly what happened.

Quincy Model Comment

The loss of one year from one child’s life is one year too many.

Serious Health Consequences to Children Witnessing Domestic Violence

More than anything we need a change of attitudes and atmosphere in the custody courts, but perhaps some positive legislative changes can help improve the atmosphere in the custody courts.

Legislation Needed to Help Protective Mothers

The United States Department of Justice provided a grant to support a major study by Dr. Daniel Saunders

Using the Sanders' Report Part One

The United States Department of Justice provided a grant to support a major study by Dr. Daniel Saunders

Using the Sanders' Report Part Two

Every year 58,000 children are sent for custody or unprotected visitation with dangerous abusers.

Crisis in the Custody Court System

Every day I hear horrific stories of courts using deeply flawed and outdated practices that ruin the lives of protective mothers and their children.

The Broken Custody Court System: Is there Reason for Hope?

This led some people, including court professionals to treat mental health professionals as if they were the experts in domestic violence.

DV CASES Require DV Experts: DUH!

Dear Custody Court Judge
I will discuss the harm and danger of these extreme decisions below, but judges should be aware that these decisions are probably the largest factor in the recent increase in domestic violence homicide.

Extreme Custody Decisions That Risk Lives