Expert Witness

Serving as Expert Witness and Consultant in Domestic Violence Cases

The Saunders’ study found that there is now a substantial body of current scientific research about domestic violence. This research would strongly support protective mothers’ cases and encourage reform of practices that work poorly for children. The problem is that the often unqualified “experts” and other professionals relied on in domestic violence cases are rarely familiar with current scientific research and so substitute their personal beliefs and biases instead. In our new book, Representing the Domestic Violence Survivor, we encourage attorneys, particularly at the start of a case to inform the court that there is now substantial research that could help courts make decisions that better protect children and ask the court to be open to hearing this information. The attorney will then need to present a genuine expert who understands domestic violence dynamics and is familiar with current research. We hope to train advocates and others to serve in this role but in the meantime there are few people available with this needed expertise. Accordingly Barry Goldstein has decided to make himself available as an expert witness and consultant in domestic violence cases. I wish I could afford to do this without charge but the best I can do is keep the costs reasonable.

Free: Brief consultation by email in which Barry will point the client to useful research and strategies.

$100: One hour consultation by phone with client and/or attorney during which Barry will make suggestions for strategies and research that can help the client. He may follow-up by providing links to specific articles and information to support the case.

$1000: (plus costs): Barry will travel to the court and testify during one day. As part of this package he will review a brief summary of the case, speak briefly with client and attorney and prepare testimony with attorney. He will answer hypothetical questions based on the research. Fee can be reduced if testimony can be by phone. Fee will be increased to $1500 if lengthy travel is required.

$2500: (plus costs): Barry will travel to court and testify during one day. As part of this package he will review a reasonable size summary of the case, prepare any expert report needed to qualify as an expert and consult with the attorney to help prepare the case and provide any needed research. He will be available by phone and email to work with the client and attorney in preparing the case and help create a document that describes the pattern of abuse. He will also work with the attorney in preparing his testimony.

$5,000: (plus costs): This package covers whatever assistance is needed through the end of the trial. This would include whatever testimony, reports and affidavits that are needed. Barry will consult with the attorney and the client as needed. He will work with the attorney in preparing testimony and challenging any opposing “experts.” He will go to the community to meet with client and attorney if needed and provide whatever assistance will be useful.

$10,000: (plus costs) This package not only covers all the assistance needed as described in the package immediately above, but also covers any assistance needed for any appeal and in future court proceedings for any modifications or violations. In other words this covers everything for the life of the case.

Other combinations of services can also be arranged.