Stop Abuse Campaign - Child Abuse and Custody in Family Court by Veronica York

Child Abuse and Custody in Family Court

Essay: Veronica York, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Custody Expert, Certified High-Conflict Divorce Coach in Stop Abuse Campaign

Our child abuse and custody crisis.

I believe we are all aware that child abuse is real, and parents hurt children way too often – but are you aware that the legal professionals who are required to protect these children are quite frankly failing at the very profession they have chosen?

Most people are unaware that family courts are getting it wrong in these custody cases, and children are being forced to live with their abuser.

How is our Family Court System Failing?

Every year almost 60,000 children are forced to live with or have unsupervised visitation with an abusive parent.

Abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual, or indirect through exposure to domestic violence, and these children have no choice but to stay and endure it.

There is a desperate need for training and education for family court professionals such as judges, lawyers, Guardian Ad Litem (GALS), evaluators, therapists, and others.

The fact of the matter is that there are far too many cases of children being ignored, dismissed, and ultimately harmed due to poor judgment and lack of knowledge from the very people who vowed to protect their “best interests”.

Judges admit they are overwhelmed with cases and have no way of determining who is lying or telling the truth in custody battles. They rely heavily on 3rd parties, such as the professionals mentioned above, to tell them what to do.

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