Resident Bolde Interview with Barry Goldstein

Interview with attorney Barry Goldstein Esq. by Resident Bolde

"This global historical context of domestic violence is very much relevant in the discussion of how to improve the experience of women physician trainees during their medical training and beyond especially in male dominated specialties. Male residents could argue that they experienced much worse than their female colleagues because they were physically assaulted or yelled at or screamed at publicly experiencing humiliation and that the human rights violation within medical training are equally experienced by both sexes. They could argue that at least female residents could trade sexual relationships with attendings for work protection or props, gaining the upper hand. This is most likely a form of projection because many men would have sex with their female attendings or chiefs to get protection and gain an edge so they do not think it’s fair women get that “advantage”. The reason they subconsciously make that assumption is because they do not experience the day to day fear that women have throughout their lives and especially the fear women experience around men. Men do not know what it is like to not be seen as equal human beings and when they do experience violation of their personal boundaries, they are the first to reassert them because it has been socialized in them to set those boundaries. Women are socialized to have their personal boundaries be porous because they are socialized to be victims of abuse. It is not the type of abuse itself that causes the trauma but the intensity and duration of fear that does. Fear is a killer."

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