Domestic Shelters Interview with Barry Goldstein & Veronica York

Why Family Courts Fail Protective Mothers & Children: 20 Common Mistakes in Evaluations Judges Miss

Interview with Barry Goldstein & Veronica York by Ashley Rumschlag, CEO of Domestic Shelters

"Most people including court professionals are unaware that family courts are getting most domestic violence custody cases wrong. There is now a specialized body and knowledge of research (ACEs & Saunders Study) that can help judges recognize and respond to domestic violence and child abuse. This knowledge was unavailable when courts developed their response to domestic violence. Family courts have been unwilling or unable to create needed reforms based on the highly credible scientific research now available. The courts turn to mental health professionals as if they were the experts in domestic violence. Barry and Veronica will discuss 20 common mistakes in evaluations that lead to harmful and tragic outcomes. In discussing evaluators' mistakes, the webinar will explain how the courts get these cases so painfully wrong."

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