The Quincy Solution

When was the last time you were filled with hope?

How about right now?

As we struggle to find ways to better protect battered and sexually abused women and children there are communities in the United States where they've successfully reduced domestic violence — dramatically.

What's more it's saved them millions and millions of dollars. And if we could convince our law and policymakers to adopt the Quincy Solution in the rest of the country we could save the United States $500 billion! And millions of women and children would sleep at night, knowing they were safe, that they no longer had anything, or anyone, to fear.

Find out, in Barry Goldstein's important and meticulously-researched book how Quincy, San Diego and Nashville tackled the problem; and won.

"I can't help but think of all the courageous women who died and all the anguished faces of the children they left behind — who might have been saved by this book."
Rita Smith, Former Executive Director, NCADV

"Barry Goldstein compiles shocking data showing how our legal system enables violence against women and children. Buy this book." - Wendy Murphy, New England Law Boston, Author `And Justice For Some"

"Domestic violence can be stopped. This book proves it." - Andrew WillisSurvivor, Founder Stop Abuse Campaign

"Barry Goldstein clearly lays out the path to stopping domestic violence in America. The lessons learned in Quincy simply have to be applied to stop violence and protect victims."- Casey Gwinn, President, National Family Justice Center Alliance,former San Diego City Attorney

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BARRY GOLDSTEIN has dedicated his career to stopping men's violence against women and preventing the mental, emotional and physical trauma it inflicts on thier children. Apassionate and sought after speaker, Barry's the author of four other books on domestic violence.